WarmIt Pro 2.0™ Smart Heating Tray With Nano Coating

WarmIt Pro 2.0™ Smart Heating Tray With Nano Coating

WarmIt Pro 2.0™ Smart Heating Tray With Nano Coating

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WarmIt: Keeping meals warm for every family dinner and gathering. Convenient, effective & a must-have for hosts!

✅ Heats Up In 20s!

✅ Nano-Coated

✅ Foldable, Saves Space

✅ Adjustable Heat (140-212℉) 


How Does It Work?

WarmIt is designed for ease of use and efficiency in keeping your meals warm. Keep Warmit plugged in to provide continuous warmth for your dishes indefinitely (it will automatically turn off after 6h of idle (safety feature).

The heating range of WarmIt is quite versatile, allowing you to adjust the temperature between 140°F to 212°F. This flexibility lets you choose the perfect heat level for different types of food, from gently warming bread to keeping stews piping hot.

Cleaning WarmIt is a breeze thanks to its nano-coating. Just a simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough to clean the surface, making post-meal cleanup quick and hassle-free.

As for size, WarmIt is thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to six plates, with dimensions of 15 inches by 24 inches. This makes it ideal for family meals or gatherings where multiple dishes need to be kept warm. Whether it’s a casual dinner or a festive feast, WarmIt ensures that your food is always served at the perfect temperature. ( For more than 4 people gatherings we recommend getting 2 or more WarmIt )

How Big is It?

The WarmIt tray measures 15 inches by 24 inches, providing ample space for up to six plates. If you often host larger gatherings(more than 4 people) or have a bigger dinner table, we recommend getting two or three units. This ensures that everyone at the table enjoys warm meals, no matter the size of your gathering or table.

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Transform Your Dining Experience with WarmIt Pro™

  •  Maintains the perfect temperature, ensuring every meal is just as enjoyable as the first bite.
  •  Effortlessly cleans with a simple wipe, thanks to the innovative nano-coating.
  •  Foldable design ensures convenience & space saving.
  •  Perfect for families with different meal times (keeps food toasty for 6+ hours)


Warmit: Bringing Families Closer, One Warm Meal at a Time

Designed to enhance your dining experience, it ensures that every dish served is as warm as the smiles around your table.

Whether it's a busy weekday dinner or a leisurely weekend feast, WarmIt maintains the perfect temperature, so you can focus on what truly matters - spending quality time with your loved ones.


Don’t Let Your Dishes Lose taste

Keep your meals tasting great for hours with WarmIt. Our graph shows how effectively WarmIt retains heat, ensuring your dishes stay warm and flavorful.

No more reheated, tasteless food – just delicious, warm meals every time.


Built-in Overheating Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with WarmIt's built-in overheating protection. Leave it on for hours, ensuring your family can enjoy warm meals anytime, while staying safe.

It's the worry-free way to keep food warm and your family protected. (Warmit will automatically turn off after 6 hours of idle)


Feel the Nano-Coating Difference With Warmit!

Warmit - the world's first food heater with nano coating. Enjoy effortless cleaning, as the nano coating creates a non-stick, easy-to-wipe surface.

It also enhances durability, protecting WarmIt from scratches and wear. Plus, it promotes better hygiene by preventing food particles and bacteria buildup

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